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yOGAX news

Check out what's new at YogaX.  Our team is busily developing programs and resources.  We will post updates to this page for a while before they become a permanent feature elsewhere.  


We are excited to let you know that YogaX is getting attention in the media.  In recent weeks, we have been interviewed for magazine articles and podcasts:


To learn more about YogaX, you can read about us in Om Yoga Magazine.  YogaX is featured in Om Magazine's celebratory 100th issue of September 2019.  

The article entitled Where Science Meets Soul features YogaX and invites your comments at editor@ommagazine.com.


You can also listen to a Podcast by Stephanie Cunningham of "Changing the Face of Yoga", interviewing Dr. Chris Brems, Director of YogaX. 


Learn about YogaX, its underlying philosophy, its understanding of yoga, and more.  We would love to hear your thoughts and comments about the interview.  

News for October 4, 2019


Help us celebrate the first two recipients of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences'

Scholarship for the 2019/2020 YogaX Teacher Training

This scholarship is for individuals from groups that are underrepresented in the yoga world. 

Congratulate Veronica Alvarez and Elika Razmjou, two aspiring yoga teachers who have excellent plans for creating access to yoga for individuals who may not otherwise be exposed to the benefits of this amazing practice.  

I developed an interest in yoga in 2011. After experiencing health challenges and burnout in my previous profession, I wanted to connect with myself and learn to listen to my body. I took a risk by attending a weeklong yoga and health retreat that changed my life! After this experience, I wanted to continue practicing and learning about yoga. I attended a couple of YogaX workshops and the feelings I experienced were inspiration and support. I walked into such a safe and welcoming space. YogaX has patient and wise instructors. Not only have I learned the science behind yoga, but also the importance of delivering a compassionate and respectful approach to clients. I really look forward to my journey with the YogaX YTT.

Veronica Alvarez


I am particularly interested in the YogaX YTT as it is catered towards yoga practitioners who are hoping to bring yoga into various healthcare settings. As a clinical health psychology fellow, I am primarily working in integrated medical settings across a hospital, including primary care, pain management, and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation programs. In these settings, I am often working with medically complex patients who could greatly benefit from yoga. I believe that the YogaX YTT will provide me with the foundational tools I need to be able to integrate yoga into healthcare, in hopes of removing access barriers to this remarkably beneficial practice. 

Elika Razmjou

News for September 17, 2019


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