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Weekend option





Fridays 6p to 9p (3 hours of instruction)

Saturdays 9a to 9p (10 hours of instruction)

Sundays 9a to 5p (7 hours of instruction)


4.24. - 4.26.2020

5.22. - 5.24.2020

6.26. - 6.28.2020

7.24. - 7.26.2020

8.28. - 8.30.2020

9.25. -9.27.2020

10.23. - 10.25.2020

11.20. - 11.22.2020

1.22. - 1.24.2021

2.26. - 2.28.2021


  • Total tuition cost = $3,000 if application was received AND approved at least 65 days prior to the first weekend (by February 20, 2020)

  • Can be paid in two installments of $1,500 each before the first weekend (first payment due upon approved application) and the sixth weekend (July 20, 2020)

  • $2,000 per installment if paid less than 65 days prior to the first and fifth weekend  

  • If three registrations are received together as a group registration, a 10% group discount is applied to tuition 

  • For general payment procedures and refund policies, click here.

  • If an accepted registrant invites someone else and that individual is accepted for the YTT as well, the referrer receives a certificate for free attendance of a 6-hour YogaX continuing education workshop

  • Tuition cost does not include any other services. Transportation, housing, and food costs are incurred separately.    



Application to the YogaX Teacher Training (and for almost all yoga teacher training programs in the country) is a multi-step process:


  1. Register your interest by using the registration link below or by emailing yogaxteam@stanford.edu

  2. Look for a reply-email that provides you with additional information and a formal application form

  3. Respond to the email affirming receipt within 48 hours

  4. Complete the application form and submit it via email within the specified timeline

  5. Receive the response from the YogaX Team about admission or rejection

  6. If accepted, make your payment within the specified timeline

  7. Come and enjoy the training


Admission criteria include:

  • Successful completion of the application form that is provided post-registration

  • Stated interest that is in line with the intended purpose of the YogaX teacher training to which you are applying, including:

    • a stated desire to integrate yoga into healthcare settings (broadly defined, including allied and mental health)

    • a stated understanding of yoga as a practice that moves beyond physical fitness

    • a stated desire to learn an integrated, holistic style of yoga

  • Appropriate of level of preparation for the training

    • Clarify your level of preparation with regard to minimum expectations (e.g., a personal yoga practice if you are applying for a 200-hour training; a 200-hour certification if you are applying for a yoga training above the 200-hour level)

    • Clarify your level of preparation with regard to what you hope to gain from the training (e.g., if you already have advanced yoga teacher training, you may not be eligible for a 200-hour training unless you define how you will use the YTT information from this training above and beyond what you already do)



Two types of scholarships are available for this YTT - a diversity scholarship and a psychiatry resident/postdoc scholarship.  More information about the application process can be found on the teacher training overview pageThe deadline for receipt of scholarship applications is March 15, 2020 by 5pm.  Scholarship applications must be preceded or accompanied by the completed YTT application.   NOTE - To receive the early-bird tuition, the YTT application must be received by the early-bird deadline (which is EARLIER than the scholarship deadline).  



Admissions decisions are made no later than within one month of receipt of a completed application.  We reserve the right not to admit anyone whose expressed interest or levels of preparation are not commensurate with the training. Notification occurs via email.